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On this page you will find information about local planning issues


The item
 below has been copied from a eecent email sent to Etchinghill Residents' Association from Lyminge Parish Council:


Open Drop in sessions with our Consultant, Alison Eardley, will take place on Saturday 24 February, in Lyminge Village Hall, as advertised in the ‘Green pages’ of the Newsletter...


Hourly presentations will be made from 10am, and there will be the opportunity to add comments to emerging Policies


If anyone has any questions, they are welcome to ring Roger on 07775621418


Many thanks


Update to ERA Meeting 9 th January 2024.
The following were bought to our attention: -
Pentland Homes – Golf Course, obviously work has commenced this has been motivated by Pentland
having to pay the first of stage payments to the Planning Authority and the need to get some income
necessitates the beginning of the marketing stage.
Pentland site near New Lyminge Surgery – planning permission has been granted but work not
officially commenced although road works have taken place in connection with new services.
Teddars Leas Road – (1) Eco House, the owner wishes to use proper materials and has employed a
Consultant in this regard. This is proving expensive and she has gone to live with family while the
work is in progress. (2) Nursery site, nothing further has been evident to date.
Spicers Farm – while this was going to be available for the ERA representatives to visit, this has not
happened but the owner (who works in the building trade) has claimed that he is in full contact with
the Planning Officer. RJ will pursue this.
Planning Officer has offered to come and address an ERA meeting, we are sceptical as to whether
this would be genuine information or a bit of ‘window dressing’.
Road numbering/classification – it is believed that if we could get the main road through the hamlet
as a recognised thoroughfare this might enable us to pursue speed limit restrictions. This has been
tackled by the ERA formerly, but RJ and DC will attempt to take it further, approaching this from
separate directions.
Neighbourhood Plan – Dave McCombe took up the invitation and RJ was grateful for the support.
BT Road – some months ago BT indicated that they would be undertaking works to the road and
agreed to clean out the drainage for the length of the road. Nothing further has happened RJ has
undertaken to follow this up.
History Board and Bench – the Chair of LPC has offered to provide a bench from her own funds –
there is a possibility that this could be sited in Etchinghill. Similarly, an offer is on the cards for a
History Board similar to those in Lyminge to be sited in Etchinghill – would the ERA consider a

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